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Another such hogwash claim states that nasa predicted a global blackout in december that will last for three days due to alignment of the universe. A recent hoax has circled around the internet that nasa has predicted a global blackout come december of this year. The original hoax was created during 2012 following a string of. The idea that the world is ending on december 21, 2012, comes from a misinterpretation of the mayan calendar. Nasa commemorative patches and space patches the space store. Chris austin hadfield oc oont msc cd born august 29, 1959 is a canadian retired astronaut, engineer, and former royal canadian air force fighter pilot. Global, or stored mission data will be downlinked at xband frequencies. Us scientists predict universe change, total blackout of planet for 3 days from dec 23 2012. The launch provider was ils international launch services. The planet in question, niburu, doesnt exist, so there will be no collision. Custom designed and ready to be shown off by the bold and proud, 5.

Various people are predicting that world will end sept. As i write thison a monday morning british airways flightba is struggling to recover from one of the worst it outages an airline has ever. Instead of creating 10 sections for every program, we have put them in this section. The original version claimed that during the blackout, the universe will be aligned and the earth will shift into another dimension. On march, 1989 the entire province of quebec, canada suffered an electrical power blackout caused by a solar storm. Hoax nasa predicts total blackout of planet in december. The interactions may cause unstable patches of excess electrons in the. Nasa hasnt confirmed the november blackout on its website for a good reason. Add a little flair to your kit with one of our many tactical patch designs. Made to sew on like a traditional rank or identification patch, our tactical patches are a great asset to any range of gear. This comes as unconfirmed reports quoting us scientists predicted universe change, total blackout of planet for 3 days from dec 23 2012. The 2016 earth at night image, dubbed nasas black marble, was created with. Circulating message claims that nasa has predicted a total blackout of the planet for a threeday period in december.

Nasa science prepares for the notend of the world light. This has already been debunked by snopes, but it still seems people are falling for this trick. Is nasa predicting a total blackout of earth on dec. The first canadian to walk in space, hadfield has flown two space shuttle missions and served as commander of the international space station. In am also using your salinity, acidity and temperature data on this paper to ascertain impact on plastics degradation at sea. Their paper, entitled a major solar eruptive event in july 2012, describes how a powerful coronal mass ejection cme tore through earth orbit on july 23, 2012. Certain hoaxes, like the one claiming mars will look as big as the moon, keep getting circulated year after year, despite being debunked repeatedly.

If youre reading this story, it means the world didnt end on dec. Last week a russian spacecraft ferried three astronauts to the international space station to join the two who had been manning it since october. No, nasa has not predicted a global blackout in december. Suomi npp eoportal directory satellite missions esa earth online. By administrator in world on saturday, 01 dec 2012 11. John carlson, the director of the center for archaeocastronomy at nasa, said the november blackout theory doesnt hold. It is not the end of the world, it is an alignment of the universe, where. In december 2012 he flew for a third time aboard soyuz tma07m and joined. And satellite data could help tackle global oceanic plasticspollution problem by mapping their global entry routes. The npp spacecraft was launched on october 28, 2011 on a. Are you preparing for a certain fictional apocalypse this month.

A hint came with the quebec blackout of march, 1989, when a solar storm. John carlson, director of the center for archaeoastronomy. Six immediate lessons from british airways it outage ivanti blog. Youve probably already figured that out for yourself. Baker, along with colleagues from nasa and other universities, published a seminal study of the storm in the december 20 issue of the journal space weather. Nasa has confirmed that a november blackout will occur when a close parallelism causes venus to shine brighter than jupiter, causing 15 days of darkness on earth. This story appears in the june 2012 issue of national geographic magazine. Despite reports of an ancient maya prophecy, a mysterious planet on a collision. These maps depict how much warmer or colder a region. In january 2012, nasa has renamed its newest earthobserving satellite, namely npp. Nasa is so sure the world wont come to an end on dec. The atmospheric imaging assembly on nasas solar dynamics observatory sdo captured these views of the flare in the suns southern hemisphere on july 12, 2012.

Nasa estimates that the international space station descends more than a. The top, global image shows the sun as viewed at 1 angstroms. According to a startling new discovery by nasa, the world could be pushed back a few hundred years in 2012, when a solarstorm threatens a global blackout. Nasas solar dynamics observatory has observed a magnetic.

Operation global blackout 2012 latest breaking news, pictures, videos, and special reports from the economic times. International space station 20 years commemorative patch. According to media reports of an ancient maya prophecy, the world was supposed to be destroyed on dec. Current news and data streams about global warming and climate change from nasa.

Operation global blackout 2012 blogs, comments and archive news on. We may be down to one or two of these, so they may disappear off this page, so first come, first served. Earth the sun creates space weather that affects us all bbc. Rumors that nasa has confirmed a november blackout or 15 days of darkness are false. Nasa deny reports regarding a universal blackout which has been predicted during 2325 dec 2012 due to earth alignment.

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