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The tradition among buddhists is that when we put a price on something sacred, such as this music, we dont think that were selling it. A practical guide mcdonald, kathleen, courtin, robina on. Be your own therapist relaxation centre of queensland. We do fine creating our own selves moment by moment. Your counseling session will be similar to what i normally provide, involving hypnotherapy, inner child work, attachment work all done with a loving touch. A stepbystep guide to taking back your life farrell, patricia on. In place of passive listening, i would take an active role with you, asking you to evaluate your thoughts, test them against reality, try to find new ways of thinking about things, and consider specific new behaviors that you might try. Robina courtin medicine buddha orange county presents buddhist nun ven. Robina courtin, nick durnan, gail hellowell, nick hill, barnaby kent, ven.

Therapist share book recommendations with your friends. Age matters in the therapeutic relationship january 30, 2012 by a news summary a strong therapeutic bond is imperative. The key to success is to learn, as one tibetan lama puts it, to be our own therapist. Venerable robina courtin, acclaimed australian tibetan buddhist nun, has excavated the suffering mind at its greatest depths of despair. Being your own therapist buddhist style all in the mind abc. Freud wasnt kidding when he titled one of his books humor and its relation to the unconscious even if the book itself is dull as nails. Here, she speaks about mind and happiness, karma and habits, and the importance of ethics, concentration and wisdom.

Remothering therapy is done in conjunction with your traditional counseling session. Robina courtin, entitled be your own therapist which i also recommend. It has taken vajrasattva practice and retreat, as well as putting into daily practice the life dictated by my cushion practice, that has helped me to really be my own therapist and to follow albeit imperfectly a path of true transformation provided by my kindest root guru, lama zopa rinpoche. Robina courtin is the author of the bliss of inner fire 4. Psychologists in robina qld 4226 featured practitioners based on your search. A tibetan nun for over forty years, she was a close pupil of the great lama thubten yeshe and remains. The wise heart kornfield pdfebook wise heart universal teachings psychology 5.

Almost no religious talk, only psychological and practical though not always easy to apply stuff. Kate bartlett psychologist in robina town centre, qld. Becoming your own therapist, by lama yeshe advice for monks and nuns, by lama yeshe and lama zopa rinpoche. Venerable robina courtin known for her clarity and energetic teaching style, covers a broad range of important buddhist topics in this short interview video with buddha weekly.

We spend our lives being seduced by the outside world, believing without question that happiness and suffering come from out there. The breakfast you eat in the morning is a visualization. Robina courtin, a tibetan buddhist nun since the late 1970s, will use the buddhas unique. Robina courtin will cover the short, but powerful, eight verses of thought transformation text that helps us radically transform the way we view the difficulties we face by increasing our capacity to love and care for others. A concise guide to the middle way of the buddha you have at your fingertips an easy to read, easy to follow atlas of nearly one hundred key concepts of buddhism whether you are a longstanding buddhist practitioner or just curious about how the buddhas teachings can help you lead a more peaceful and happy life, you will find this book a useful tool. Becoming your own therapist basic buddhist psychology. The way we live and think everything is dedicated to material pleasure. When i started out as a therapist i read hundreds of books on therapy and psychology. Here are a few suggestions that can help in dealing with your therapists vacation. When your therapist goes on vacation personality disorders. Recognizing the pretentiousness ways to acquire this book the fear cure cultivating courage as medicine for the body mind and soul is. Becoming your own therapist make your mind an ocean by lama thubten.

The buddha taught that by getting to know our own minds through meditation and practice, we become happier and more content. Robina courtin, becoming your own therapist, september 25, 2015, at the neighborhood congregational church in. Alexandre therapist is a semidark read with a heavy hand of sensuality and some surprising twists and turns. In 1996 she founded the liberation prison project, which she ran until 2009. Read more talks from this teaching tour in the book becoming your own therapist. I mean, is there a place for the bodhisattva in marxism. We consider sense objects to be of utmost importance and materialistically devote ourselves to. Using practical focusing techniques we can learn to unpack and unravel our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, developing the courage to take responsibility for them, and to gradually reconfigure them. Readings advised by venerable robina institut vajra yogini. Robina courtin is a buddhist nun in the tibetan buddhist gelugpa tradition and lineage of lama thubten yeshe and lama zopa rinpoche. Whether youve loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Books recommended by venerable robina are available in the kadampa. Her nephews film, chasing buddha, documents courtins life and her work with death row inmates in the kentucky state penitentiary. Whenever you go shopping and think, this is nice, or i dont like that, whatever youre looking at is a projection of your own mind.

Being your own therapist buddhist style here on abc radio national s all in the mind going global on radio australia and as podcast, im natasha mitchell and youre in the. Can a bodhisattva be a marxist in order to create social harmony. Robina courtins work has been featured in two documentary films, christine lundbergs on the road home 1998 and amiel courtinwilsons chasing buddha 2000, and in vicki mackenzies book why buddhism. These fun and intriguing new years eve traditions from around the globe are sure to pique your interestand who knows, maybe theyll inspire you and your favorite people to create a new and exciting tradition of your own. Being your own therapist buddhist style all in the. How can we begin to unpack and unravel the workings of our own mind, so that we can find a reliable happiness that is not dependent on external conditions. We will pendulate back and forth between thoughtfeelingword, to silence and sensation. Robina courtin born 20 december 1944, in melbourne, australia is a buddhist nun in the tibetan buddhist gelugpa tradition and lineage of lama thubten yeshe and lama zopa rinpoche. No one else can do the work for us and its the most empowering work we can do. This book contains public talks by lama yeshe on the general topic of buddhism. Pagesebook limbic resonance wikipedia the free encyclopedia, wise heart a profile of jack kornfield lion s roar, robina courtin teachings.

Kate bartlett psychologist in robina town centre, qld, 4230. Read this and check out ven robina courtins you tubed talk on being your own therapist and youll have a fresh take. Book appointments, view free detailed profiles, fees, opening hours, addresses, phone numbers and more. Robina will be teaching in great britain, between february 18 march 8. Karma, kindness and covid19 includes green tara meditation jump to. Lasting happiness in a changing world 14th dalai lama and desmond tutu. Robina courtin gives teachings as she leads a trek from kopan, lama zopa rinpoches monastery in the kathmandu valley, to his cave in solu khumbu in the mountains of. Be your own therapist by robina courtin on free online video. Robyn godber, registered psychotherapist, bolton, on, l7e, 647 5035163, is your teen facing challenges that are affecting them in the home or at school. I would give you selfhelp homework assignments so that you could be your own therapist in between sessions. Robina courtin lawudo trek 2018 himalayan adventure.

How does one move on from a dysfunctional family with children of my own. Rather, we think that were freely offering the prayers and are charging. I might be a piece of shit but it makes for a good read. The fear cure cultivating courage as medicine for the body.

When we speak of individual pathology, a mindbody split occurs in various ways. Nirvan psychology services, trinity medical centre, port. Books recommended by venerable robina are available in the kadampa center bookstore email. Teaching given by venerable robina courtin in vajra yogini institute july 2011 download mp3videotext.

Be your own therapist venerable robina courtin ush. When you get up in the morning and see the sun shining and think, oh, its going to. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books youve read. Google tech talks october 3, 2008 abstract we spend our lives being seduced by the outside world, believing without question that happiness and suffering come from out there. I fasted for 11 days while there, and in the end i learned a lot. So the only choice you have is to just be your own. Invisible heart download pdf pour your heart into it ebook pdf. Compassionate activism a buddhist approach to bringing about a better world. If you are concerned about your therapist going on vacation, i recommend that you discuss your emotions and reactions with your therapist. Robina courtin change your mind, revolutionize your. Everything we think and do and say now programs us, or sows seeds, and just naturally.

How to be your own therapist dana meads hosts this in depth and entertaining conversation with the wonderful ven. When we feel that the body is not performing to the minds expectations or demands, such as when we are trying to recover from an accident or illness, and progress is slow, or we are trying to accomplish some physical challenge, as in sports or dance. By becoming deeply familiar with the workings of our own cognitive processes through introspection and learning to deconstruct them truly, being our own therapists we can loosen the grip of these neuroses and grow our marvelous potential for contentment, clarity, and courage, which are at the core of our being. Thanks to nick ribush for posting the following excerpt from becoming your own therapist by lama thubten yeshe which provides a definitive answer therapist is available from lama yeshe wisdom archive. Because of attachment, you get emotionally involved in a concrete sense world of your own creation, denying yourself the space or time to see the reality of your own mind. It helps to talk about your feelings, and it is good to be prepared. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. But all of literature even areas we might normally shun as beneath us has the potential to teach us something, to mirror some part of ourselves back. Most of you are probably hitting close on your kindle app right now, but hang in there. So in deciding to be less disruptive to the rest of my family i picked up a meditation for beginners book and just started quietly doing it on my own.

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