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The placenta is the source of food and oxygen for the fetus. In this exercise you will examine the organization of the many body systems studied this semester in the context of a single specimen, the fetal pig. Fetal pig dissection lab sam houston state university. The purpose of this experiment is gain perspective on the internal anatomy which we have studied prior to this experiment. Academics departments and programs biology virtual pig digestive system. Carolina provides owl pellet products that are heat sterilized and easy to use for students of all ages. This guide was adequate for organs and blood vessels. Hea rt supe rior vena c ava in ferior vena c ava r igh t atrium left atrium left pulmona ry a rtery r igh t pulmona ry a rtery a o rta left ven tricle. Dissection will help you to get a 3dimensional picture of how all the systems fit together in an entire organism. Lateral is the term to refer to the side of the structure the pig. Through the dissection of the fetal pig, we were able to compare and contrast the structure and functions of the organs to those of a human. Fetal pig dissection and lab guide external anatomy of the fetal pig.

Study 30 fetal pig dissection flashcards from lilie n. Fetal pig dissection lab warren county public schools. In this lab you will be examining many characteristics of an unborn mammalthe fetal pig. Wear plastic gloves when handling the preserved specimen and when performing a dissection to prevent any chemicals from coming in. Fetal pig dissection worksheet 1 pig dissection, dissection. On males, the opening is located near the umbilical cord. The dissection of the fetal pig in the laboratory is important because pigs and humans have the same level of metabolism and have similar organs and systems. By doing the dissection, we were able to physically see and touch the anatomy of the mammalian body rather seeing it solely in text form. Fetal pig dissection in this lab exercise you will open the abdominalpelvic and thoracic cavities of a fetal pig and identify its major organs. Obtain a fetal pig and identify the structures listed in figure 1. We dissected the pig and observed all the exterior and interior structures.

Study 114 fetal pig dissection flashcards from sarah b. Pigs are mammals mammary glands hair two distinct sexes similarities to humans placental tetrapods 2. Fetal p ig v isual d isse ction g uide vwr international. I is found near the scapular, and inserts to humerus. Fetal pig dissection and lab guide the biology corner. As the pig is a mammal, many aspects of its structural and functional organization are identical with those of other mammals, including humans.

Anterior is referring to the front end of the structure the pigs head. Fetal pig dissection to discover internal systems of our own bodies, we dissect a fetal pig as it is a representation of a mammalian anatomy. Fetal pig dissection report by susie ditsworth on prezi. With a pair of scissors cut deeply into both corners of the mouth see figure 2, pkt p. The internal anatomy of a fetal pig in this activity, you will open the abdominal and thoracic cavities of the fetal pig and identify structures. Use this pig fetus dissection specimen as a lowercost alternative to the more expensive doubleinjected fetal pig. The fetal pigs that are used for the dissection are from pregnant females that. See more ideas about pig dissection, dissection, fetal.

The hooves of the pig and the nails of your hands and feet are modifications of the epider mis. The fetal pigs structure was almost identical to the human body. The latissimus dorsi is a broad muscle that is wrapped around the sides of thoracic region and chest. The salivary glands kind of look like chewing gum and are often lost if you cut too deeply. Shop carolina s variety of lab equipment including microscopes, glassware, dissection supplies, lab furniture and more. Youve seen separate diagrams of many of the major systems. Using qualitative methods, we observed a series of fetal pig dissection sessions in a high school biology course and interviewed 17 students in the class. The adult pig heart was over more then what seemed like 10 times the fetal pigs heart. Use caution when carrying and cleaning sharp dissection tools. The goal is for you to identify all of the structures described herein via a careful and thorough dissection. Determine the sex of your pig by looking for the urogenital opening.

You must carefully and accurately dissect your pig so you can identify all important parts. Fetal pig lab report by ronnie vercruyssen on prezi. It is also a very exciting dissection because a lot of the internal anatomy is similar to humans. The placenta is the source of food and oxygen for the. Carolina s young scientist dissection kits provide an introductorylevel dissection activity.

Ventralis the front or anterior of the structure the pig. If your pig is female, you should also note that urogenital papilla is. To study the pig in more detail, go to this virtual pig dissection. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Trace the path of food through the digestive tract of the pig. The trapezius is a broad muscle anterior of the latissimus dorsi. This mediumsized plain preserved fetal pig specimen measures between 7 and 10 inches in length. It is fascinating to see how all the organs fit and work together. Fetal pig dissection guide abraham lincoln high school. Fetal pig dissection lab humble independent school district.

The pig can be divided into four sections head, neck, trunk, and tail fig. Mammals are vertebrates having hair on their body and mammary glands to nourish their young. The students responses to dissection varied considerably. Use the graph in figure 1 to estimate the age of your fetal pig. If your pig is female, you should also note that urogenital papilla is present near the genital. Give the function of each organ or structure listed in step 1. The dissection of a fetal pig is useful in understanding the composition of the. Pig fetus dissection specimens are initially preserved with a formaldehyde solution, the best animal tissue fixative. Fetal pig dissection part 2 unsubscribe from biologybyme. The insertion is into the proximal end of the tibia. Fetal pig dissection saturday, april 11, 20011 sbi3u101 daniel, savo, shaq, khalid lab. Fetal pig dissection report anp 102 by susie ditsworth introduction discussion the fetal pig is used in the study of human anatomy because they are structurally similar to that of a human specimen. To where does the large vein at the base of the umbilical cord go. Before the dissection, we had gone through each anatomical system so students had background of functions, parts, etc.

Beginning at the oral cavity mouth, lets examine the digestive system. Virtual fetal pig dissection anatomical references regions of the pig anterior and posterior dorsal and ventral medial and lateral proximal and distal sexing your pig. Also, fetal pigs are a byproduct of the pork food industry so they arent raised for dissection purposes, and they are relatively inexpensive. Choose from 500 different sets of fetal pig dissection flashcards on quizlet. Learn fetal pig dissection with free interactive flashcards. By ronnie vercruyssen dorsal is the back or posterior of the pig. In humans, the whitish, crescentshaped area at the base of the nail is the actively grow ing portion. Also, fetal pigs are a byproduct of the pork food industry so they arent raised for dissection purposes, and. The quiz is based of off terminology and references to this dissection. Fetal pig dissection documents naae communities of practice. As the pig is a mammal, many aspects of its structural and functional. The semitendinousus is located under the semimembranous.

Fetal pig dissection a fetal pig is a great choice for dissection because the size of the organs make them easy to find and identify. If your pig is female, you should also note that urogenital papilla is present near the genital opening. Dissect a fetal pig and identify the structures listed in step 1. Fetal pig dissection blood vessels in pigs were injected with a latex dye arteries.

Lab report friday, december 06, 20 saadaf mohsin gurjot randhawa manvir benipal mrs. For a quarter century, carolina biological supply has been committed to bringing biotechnology into the classroom. This worksheet serves as a guide for dissecting the fetal pig, which also includes diagrams for labeling and study. Fetal pig dissection a laboratory guide 1 preface, p. Instructions for opening the ventral body cavities, p. Now youll get to see how they are arranged spatially. The placenta is the source of food and oxygen for the fetus, and it also serves. Carefully lay the pig on one side in your dissecting pan and cut away the skin from the side of the face and upper neck to expose the masseter muscle that works the jaw, lymph nodes, and salivary glands. Once the dissection was complete, the adult heart and kidney of a pig was brought out and was compared to the fetal heart and kidney that was saved. The majority are placental mammals in which the developing young, or fetus, grows inside the females uterus while attached to a membrane called the placenta. Fetal pig dissection lab report fetal pig dissection. Illustrated by sandra shomaker consultant on art and anatomy kenneth w.

Fetal pig dissection introduction in the following laboratory exercise, you will examine in some detail the external and internal anatomy of a fetal pig sus scrofa. Dissection is an art and you must be as careful as you can during this laboratory. The purpose of doing the fetal pig dissection is to provide for you a. It adducts the thigh and it must be cut in order to see all of the deeper muscles below it. Fetal pig dissection biology 121 with hunt at grand. It begins from base of the skull to the tenth thoracic vertebrae. Here are the documents i used for a fetal pig dissection unit. Dissection will help you to get a 3dimensional picture of how all the systems fit together.

This is a handout for use during the fetal pig dissection. Because pigs are also mammals, their structure is very similar to our own. Using a ruler, measure the length of the pig from the snout to the tail. It covers all the body systems and includes quizzes to test your knowledge.

Fetal pig dissection guide mafia city cheats and hack. Print out these pdfs and fill in the labels to test your knowledge of fetal pig anatomy. The placenta is the source of food and oxygen for the fetus, and it also serves to get rid. Fetal pig dissection biology 121 with hunt at grand valley state university studyblue flashcards. The period of gestation for the pig is 112115 days. I used the colorado agriscience curriculum for teaching the different systems. Chohan sbi 3uo introductory dissecting animals helps students better understand the anatomy of, in this case, a fetal pig, and helps us prepare for what university has to offer, depending on what one will study. I use a virtual pig dissection to guide the kids through the various systems of the pig. Fetal pig dissection spring welcome hshp biologist. There was no muscle labeling and no muscle dissection covered which is what i was most interested in and was quite surprised it wasnt covered. Be sure to identify the major organs as you explore the extent of each system. The deltoid is a relatively broad muscle that covers the shoulder region.

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